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Why outsource your tech customer service? Our dedicated approach to CX for Internet of Things and Smart Tech companies ensures a seamless, satisfying user experience. Revolutionize tech support with bespoke customer experience solutions for tech companies.
Transformational CX for the

Transformational CX for the 21ST CENTURY LIFESTYLE CUSTOMER

In the digital economy, customers are finding new ways to explore new products and services. They are rapidly adopting new technologies in their lives, from their home, to their health, their security, and their entertainment.

Novel IoT and Smart technologies, either provided to B2B or B2C customers, are at the forefront of that transformation. Our teams can help you deliver great customer support and services, and scale your customer-facing operations, so you gain peace of mind and focus on the business of growing.

CX Process
Transformational CX for the

Smart-Tech-IoT customer journey support

The 21st century customer has liquid expectations. Today’s Smart-Tech companies need to deliver services reliably, which will create trust with their customers and give them a superb customer experience.

Our support solutions will scale throughout the various touch points along the customer journey, from pre-sales support to consulting on product options, product setup and configuration, technical support, cross-selling and upselling. Thanks to our hybrid (virtual and onsite) teams we help you do it efficiently and affordably.

ZAHOREE’S customer support and cx capabilities for IoT and Smart Tech Companies

L1/L2 Customer Support
L1/L2 Customer Service
Pre-sales support
ai-human augmentation
ai annotation / classification
Demo Rooms
AI Smart Coach
iot / smart tech lab

Improve your customer experience in the IoT and Smart Tech Industries. Discover how Zahoree Virtual Teams can help you take your support operations to the next level.

At Zahoree, we help you build trust because we understand the importance of delivering consistent customer experience at all times. Our CX insights give you granular visibility into the customer journey to help you meet your customers’ liquid expectations.



Our hybrid on-side and remote teams can help you scale your support operations at any touch-point of your customer’s journey, from pre-sales support to order tracking, returns, exchanges, technical support, and cross-selling and upselling. Our operations centers can also support any custom service such as subscription management and loyalty programs.


Our Zahoree® VIrtual Teams analytics technology applies artificial intelligence to surveys, support cases, product reviews, and other sources of customer feedback and behavioral data. We deliver unique visibility into your customers’ journey with your product and brand.

Multiple Languages

Support in multiple languages by native speakers. English, Spanish, French and Portuguese available in North America. Major European languages in EMEA region.


Our teams focus on delivering experiences that will provide your customers with a sense of growth, engagement with your brand and the innovative technology you provide, and accomplishment.


These include annotation and classification, data analysis, and human augmentation of AI-driven technology and services.


Our multiple support centers and Zahoree Virtual Teams global talent platform allow us to deliver customer support in USA, Canada, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC.


Helping users who need assistance installing, connecting, or have technical issues using your product is a critical part of delivering the benefits promised. We help you deliver superior customer and technical support, and do it in a scalable fashion. Our team provides multi-channel engagement by phone, e-mail, chat, remote access and social.


Our ambianced demo rooms provide a unique opportunity to show your customers exactly what your product looks like, how it works, or what features it has. Our demo rooms give you an opportunity to provide a high-level of specialized pre-sales support and unboxing, and have your potential customer fall-in-love with your technology.


We understand how critical the protection of data to your business is, which is why we are an ISO 27001-2013 certified company. We comply with the highest standards to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information. We take the security of your company’s and your customer’s data very seriously.


Similar to a demo room, these specialized spaces may be used by your support team for live troubleshooting with customers, testing product features and integrations.


We partner with SmartTech and tech-enabled companies in several markets, including Smart Home, Health & Fitness, Security, Pet Care, Toys, and Baby Tech among others. Our clients trust us to build exceptional relationships with their customers.

AI SmartCoach™

Zahoree's virtual assistant teams up with CX Experts in our teams. It is a trusted co-pilot to your customer support agents, to provide relevant product and policy information, recommendations for best ways to address an inquiry, and a fast-track to trouble-shooting options. It’s specially tuned for CX delivery and uses the latest AI resources available.


Our fully-managed CX solutions are enabled by Zahoree Virtual Teams, our proprietary platform, which provides an automated, efficient, and affordable way to put together and operate your support teams, so you gain peace of mind and stay focused on growth.

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