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Optimize your customers’ experience with Zahoree™ Analytics. 

SAN JOSE, CA, September 10, 2019. – Infolink-exp, a leader in global technology support services, announced its new Zahoree Analytics offering today.  Zahoree is an advanced analytics capability that will allow clients to optimize their customer   experience by using data coming from various sources, mainly their customer support platform, customer surveys, purchase and behavioral data.

Zahoree is a combination of a Big Data platform, and a set of professional services designed to build applications and leverage the platform on behalf of Infolink-exp customers.  Zahoree analyzes customer feedback and applies artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning (ML) algorithms to discover opportunities for companies to optimize the experience of their end users (CX).  These include: 

  • Analyzing customer experience data at specific touch-points to raise satisfaction and retention levels 
  • Reducing bad customer experiences by 30% to 50%
  • Predicting opportunities to deliver additional value to users such as product options and upgrades

Zahoree has been designed to cater to technology companies that need flexibility in using their customer experience data in different ways and to automate ML solutions quickly. 

“We are all immersed in a technological revolution, where a lot of our day-to-day tasks at home and in the office are getting automated through Internet connected, smart devices.  It is an exciting time, but it also presents numerous challenges to the consumer, from understanding what different technologies can do for them, to actually installing and using these Do-It-Yourself products.  So getting people to actually adopt and stick to using smart devices is all about the experience they have in doing so.  Are they easy to setup and use and do they actually improve their lives? IoT will drive the customer experience in the future, so it is no longer about pushing products.  Vendors – and all of us in the IoT and consumer electronics industry – must work hard to optimize the buying and product use experience as well,” says José Antonio González, Founder and CEO of Infolink-EXP.

In recent years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been gaining ground with consumers, who are starting to see the benefits of using IoT devices to simplify tasks in the home and to manage things around them using mobile apps.  According to CSG (2018), just in the smart home arena, adoption of devices is already at 23%, but expected to rise rapidly. Additionally, a strong majority of consumers feel that the most valuable attribute of IoT devices is to make life easier.

Infolink-EXP is already working with several well-known B2C and B2B IoT brands in supporting their users and optimizing their customer experience.  Zahoree now reinforces that unique focus.


Infolink-EXP partners with rapidly scaling IoT technology companies, to deliver an unsurpassed customer experience to end users. That is why we have developed the Customer Journey Support methodology, to help vendors support their customers throughout their lifetime, from pre-sales to activation and on-boarding, first-use, ongoing support, and upgrading. 

We augment our clients support operations along the customer journey with services and data-driven insights, to increase adoption, customer retention and expand revenue. 


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