What Type Of Companies Do We Support?

what type of companies we support

The Internet of Things (IoT) has grown quickly and spread widely throughout the consumer market in the last few years. Both manufacturers and end users find themselves overwhelmed by a rapid array of IoT products.

The IoT ecosystem is a moving target

It is in this context that Infolink-exp has decided to offer its services. We have specifically decided to serve IoT technology companies that have passed the early startup phase and are in active growth mode.

Specifically, Infolink-exp has designed a set of services and meth


odologies to help tech companies that want to support their users throughout the customer journey, and are committed to nurturing and supporting large numbers of customers for a long time.

In the emerging consumer IoT space, this includes producers of smart home devices, wearables, home security, sleep tech, pet tech, automotive and other similar tech devices.

These companies are highly innovative in both their technology, but also in the creation of new markets.


IoT Is A New Space That Needs Specialized Support Services88

The Internet of Things space is relatively new. Manufacturers are creating products consumers have never known, needed or used.

Consumers have never before had to think about connecting devices that are not phones or computers to the internet – or to each other. And they do not know what to expect or how to respond.

And the innovators, as well as manufacturers, do not all share the ability to reach and hold these consumers.

Total Customer Experience

That’s why we’ve decided to help consumer IoT companies with services that cover the totality of the customer experience.

For example, you can buy a purse containing a tracker for the personal safety of the individual carrying it. There are also trackers in smartphones, cars, pet chips and a number of other devices.

Needless to say, these companies are very sensitive to the customer concerns about their personal safety and data security — and

what type of companies we support

that of their families. And, those safety issues include user worries about their information being treated confidentially and invulnerability.

Fully Customer Supportive

We support vendors who fundamentally value customer support. They promote meaningful customer service, such as providing customers with the right plan for their unique needs.

They provide or demonstrate how to integrate a product’s operation with the customer’s local hub or related products. After all, the customer wants the easiest way to integrate Alexa or Google Home with other devices.

Strong On Customer Relationships

We succeed in supporting those companies that value and build long-term customer relationships. Where innovative technology can produce products with anticipated obsolescence, we are a better fit for those who value scalability. Companies must be able to scale efficiently and quickly as customer needs to increase or diversify.

In the current wave of IoT momentum, companies must have the infrastructure to move from a few thousand customers to hundreds of thousands in a fairly short period of time. Such companies must have the right team, experience and focus in place to be sensitive to the customer experience, intending to build and sustain the customer relationship over time.

The Type Of Companies We Support

Our clients are technology companies approaching or in the act of a fast phase of growth. They are consumer companies that prize their brand and reputation. But, they are also sensitive to retaining their own employees, relieving talent to focus on support and service instead of complaint resolution.

We also support some companies providing XaaS solutions. With the lines between SaaS and IoT blurring, consumers have a lower tolerance for poor performing hardware products than for subscription software with bugs.

In the rapid unfolding of the Internet of Things, providers and users need what Infolink-exp can do to reduce confusion, sell product and solve significant IoT business needs.

>Jose A. Gonzalez

Jose A. Gonzalez

CEO and Founder of Infolink-EXP. He’s founded technology companies in big data analytics, Internet services, software, nearshore outsourcing and technology customer support for 20+ years. Lives in El Paso, Texas and spends part of his time in San Jose, CA and the Silicon Valley. Passionate about customer experience (CX), in particular through consumers’ complete cycle of selecting, adopting and fully utilizing IoT technology to improve their lives.

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